Apparently Josien Pieters is in a winning mood since the jury consisting of Frank Tjepkema, Jurjen Rolf and Janne Kyttanen has selected her 'Freshfibers' Blackberry case design as best out of 14 entries. The entries are assessed anonymous by the jury and again her design came out as winner, after she also won the first Talents competition with her wedding ring design 'Reality Check'.

The jury had a fierce discussion on who to select from three entries: 'Linguini' by Lionel Dean, 'B100' by Peter Hermans and 'Freshfibers' by Josien Pieters. The jury praised the forward thinking of Lionel Dean and the intriguing, innovative shape of the Linguini case. B100 was classified as a fun gimmick and a real conversation piece. 'Freshfibers' was finally selected as winner, because according to the jury this entry is an original answer to the first design criterion of the assignment that was provided by Freshfiber; make the Blackberry use more fun, or have more impact.

The user starts of with a case consisting of 48 detachable, mono-colored pieces: 'Freshfibers'. These Freshfibers can be swapped with users that have a different color, in Josien her entry matching the country that the user lives in. The jury thinks the case can become a very social thing, since 'Freshfibers' can really stimulate (physical) interaction between global Blackberry users. The anticipated vivid (online) trade of Freshfibers can definitely increase the fun and impact of having a Blackberry and should result in increased social interaction. Also the scarcity of some Freshfibers' colors can result in real collector's items.

Honorable mention

Lionel Dean, designer of the 'Linguini' case, which was praised by the jury for its intriguing, innovative shape: 'You're serious about your networking. You need your Blackberry always to hand. You wear it around your neck in a case that holds it upside down. That way you just grab it and respond.

Peter Hermans about the B100 case design, which was seen by the jury as a strong conversation piece: 'This Blackberry B100 case was inspired by and is names after the criminal mastermind from Dutch 80's children's show 'Bassie & Adriaan'. How's that for nostalgia! Also inspired by IBM thinkpads and practically any 80's mobile phone. It's soo retro that it is contemporary again. Soo ugly that you will want one. Oh and the antenna may not be functional, it is retractable!

About the third jury member: Frank Tjepkema

Frank Tjepkema took part in the jury as third and final member, next to Janne Kyttanen (FOC) and Jurjen Rolf (Freshfiber). Frank Tjepkema is founder of the design studio in Amsterdam, called 'Tjep. From the Tjep website:  'Tjep. works in a diversity of fields: from a Tiara for Princess Maxima to a nest consisting of giant rubber branches as a sofa. From the development of champaign popcorn for Volkswagen to complete interiors and identities for restaurants, schools and shops. Tjep. works for companies such as Droog, British Airways, Camper, Heineken and Ikea. In every project the objective is to challenge conventional views, every project starts with a 'why?'. The execution, on the other hand, should be a delicious cocktail combining innovative ideas with functionality and visual elegance. Ultimately we are designing to add a little quality, energy and amazement to the world.