Freedom Of Creation has just launched the production and distribution of the world's first 3D printed typeface and made one further step towards its dream of totally customized industrial production available to a global public. Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin are the two versions of the three-dimensional font, developed by Yara Khoury and Melle Hammer in collaboration with Freedom Of Creation and upon invitation by the Khatt foundation for Arabic typography and design research.

With the innovative Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin 3D fonts, the customer can type his personal text, word or acronym on the computer and order his sculptural text directly from the 3D printers of Freedom Of Creation. This means 100% customization: the very first opportunity to have a standardized basis product personalized to every single one's needs, fabricated just in time in an industrial way and distributed all over the world. The rapid manufacturing dream is becoming reality and Freedom Of Creation once more is the pioneer.

Make yours now: Kasheeda Customization App

Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin font have been developed by Yara Khoury and Melle Hammer on invitation by the Khatt foundation, an Amsterdam based Center for Arabic Typography aiming at building cultural bridges and advancing design in the Middle East and North Africa. The font is based on the concept of a thin and wide ribbon, bending freely through space. Just from one perspective the text reproduced by the ribbon can be read. All other points of view just offer suggestive visions of a banner floating in the air and bending on the ground in order to create a visually dynamic sculpture.