Freedom Of Creation has just added the Macedonia Space Divider to its design collection. This versatile system, designed by Janne Kyttanen, provides a lot of flexibility and freedom when dividing interior and exterior spaces. The modular Macedonia Space Divider system creates a highly decorative 3D effect and is and very easy to install.

The applications for the space dividers can be very diverse. For example the system makes an ideal solution for backlit walls in clubs and bars.

Due to its highly decorative nature, this system can be integrated in the design of interiors of the highest nature in hotels and private residences.

In order to create the most fascinating 3 dimensional shapes we are can warp the structures practically around any curved surface. Imagine any interior be it monumental or highly modern architecture, it adapts to the interior surfaces in any color or shape.

The system is very robust, so it can be easily mounted on large surfaces, both in the width and height.

For more information, please follow this link to download the (low resolution) PDF, which contains more technical details of this product. For project requests, please contact Michiel Dekkers at Freedom Of Creation.