FOC helped Ailin Lacey, a graduating student from Dublin to create her 'Old is new again' vase.

"The vase was created with the act of flower arranging in mind. Through slight alterations in surface treatment, the vase, though familiar in form, becomes unfamiliar in use, moving the classical decoration beyond its conventional aesthetic appeal to now house a strange functional role. It accentuates the act of flower arranging but does so in a discreet way, playing up the characteristic already inherent in the aesthetic of the vase, but using it to create something new, discrete.

Imagine the vase full, all of the flowers stems slotting through the tear drops so that the vase itself begins to disappear behind a wall of stems. Through the act of flower arranging the vase can very simply transform in aesthetic".

The vase was produced with a 3d printing technology called 'selective laser sintering'. The material we used for this is white nylon, the vase was finished off with a layer of high gloss white.