The FOC Collection consists of 25 light designs of which most visual attention is drawn to the stunning beauty of the 3D printed shades. However our lights are also made up of many other 3D printed parts. None of these parts are the same and all are specifically designed for that particular lights. FOC's reluctance to use 'off- the-shelve' parts gives each light their unique character and shows our commitment to detail.

3D printed fitting for Riot Table light

Although FOC Collection lights display a very high quality standard, they can never be flawless. In order to come close, FOC has collected year-long customer feedback and redesigned every 3D printed detail. It has resulted into a visual change that is minimal, but quality that is even better than it was. Although seemingly a paradox, our products should be delicate in their design and at the same time be of unbeatable quality.

Detail of 3D printed fitting for Filament Colors light

3D printed wall mount with click system for Vasarely Wall light

3D printed detail on base of Filament Colors light