Freedom Of Creation has been exploring the field of 3D printing for nearly a decade. We have been pioneering the future of rapid manufacturing design goods and bringing customization to the masses. One of the promising technologies that will bring lots of new opportunities to 3D printing, is printing in paper.

MCOR has been exploring this technology for several years and with the presentation of the matrix 300 printer it's becoming reality. Freedom Of Creation is one of the first to print a FreshFiber iPhone cover in colored layers of paper. For the first time the layering effect of 3D printing is actually adding value to the finish and look and feel of a product.


What is intriguing about printing in paper is that the process itself is fairly simple, its about stacking layers of paper and removing what you don't need.

It's the greenest and most low-cost technology for 3D printing, therefore Freedom Of Creations is researching possible applications ranging from collection products to scale models and promotional material for clients.

Check back soon for more updates, innovations and explorations into design applications of 3D printing technologies.