Freedom Of Creation and Ted Noten come together again. Ted designs Eleven Women and 400 Daisies for the Mint Museum in Charlotte, USA.

Ted comments: "The ideas behind this piece came about during the meetings I had with the Auxiliary women in Charlotte during my stay there in the early spring 2010. I was very impressed with the professionalism, the seriousness and passion with which the Auxiliary and their board members concern themselves regarding / facing the world. Strong women who take their responsibility, very self-aware and intelligent but at the same time sensitive and a little teasing! Together with written above, it struck me the way they invest and passionately put their effords in improving the status and financial position of the Mint Museum in Charlotte. So to say, the Auxillery women inspired me to design this object."

The buste is designed using 3D software and created with 3D printing. In order to gain the smooth surface the art piece is heavily polished and gold plated afterwards. The basis of the head comes from Grace Kelly and the other parts were "stolen" from 10 powerful American women. Whom Ted chose out of respect for their efforts and authenticity. The final piece looks like a sketch made with scissors and glue and when you look at the piece from close proximity, you will recognize the different features of all these chosen 10 women. This work was custom designed for the opening of the new Mint Museum, since being interactive it also becomes a conversation piece. During the opening the Auxiliary-board members wore daisy broches and it is clear to see the link to the art created by Ted Noten!

It will take approximately 18 years before the buste is completely unveiled. This explains the title : SLOW. Over the coming years the American woman will be revealed piece by piece, each year approximately 22 numbered flowers will be taken away to the new board members. They all keep their daisies as memories of being part of the board.