Dutch designer Ted Noten worked together with Freedom Of Creation to create the latest Design Academy Trophy. Each year an artist is commissioned by the Design Academy to design a trophy for the newly graduated students.

For the 2010 edition Ted came to FOC to create the Pig Head Trophy. By design, each slice of the pig head represented one graduate, not only was each and every slice different, they were also customized to show which course the student took.

Ted's design work is internationally recognized for its ingenuity, which requires a certain flexibility and craftsmanship from the people he works with. It's for this reason that Ted chooses to work with Freedom Of Creation, and thus with 3D printing technologies.

In a way the tools on the computer are becoming the new tools Ted works with. In the past artists worked with sculptors and goldsmiths, now all these crafts are coming together on the computer.

Ted Noten has a part of his collection for sale in the FOC Store, this work includes rings & necklaces.

Interested in using 3D printing technologies for production of design products, small series, art pieces or kick-ass marketing campaigns get in touch with Michiel or Ilko.

Ted Noten documentary "Goud, Zweet & Parels", gives a nice view on the background of the artists Ted Noten. View the trailer here