• 3D Systems Pledges Its Support

    The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put many healthcare providers under great strain as they provide treatment and care to affected patients. 3D Systems is offering its services, and we’re looking for our customers and partners to join us in sharing resources to help overcome this pandemic. It’s in these times that we see selflessness at its finest as people come forward to help one another in time of great need.

    If you are able to offer your engineering team’s time and expertise, or access to 3D printers, we would greatly appreciate your support. Conversely, if you are a medical device manufacturer, hospital, or healthcare provider that needs help to bridge a supply chain gap, please let us know of your needs. We will do everything possible to fulfill your request.

  • Support for Medical Device Manufacturers

    We are committed to supporting medical device manufacturers with 3D printed components in either plastic or metal materials to help ease supply chain issues for critical care devices such as ventilators and certified face masks.  3D Systems has a wide network of capabilities including GMP manufacturing facilities and validated print processes.  Learn more.

  • Support for Point of Care / Hospitals

    We are providing solutions to unmet and urgent needs at the point of care.  Examples include:  engineering and printing support for personal protective items, manufacturing capabilities for ventilator venturi valves, and medical education resources for lung ultrasound procedures.  Learn more.

Italian Minister for Technology, Innovation and Digitization

Venturi Ventilator Valves - Photo Credit - Christian Fracassi and team - Isinnova - Printed in Italy on a ProX 6100 in Medical Grade Nylon

Solutions Being Explored

Last updated - March 25, 2020 4:30 pm PST

The following table provides a summary view of current applications being explored

Category Part Current Activity Status Clinical Uses Next Steps
PPE - Face Shield Face Shield Frame Prototypes of frames have been printed Active No Optimize design and source clear plastic material that would attach to frame to create the face shield
Diagnostics Swab Prototypes of nasal swabs have been printed in multiple materials Active No Feasibility testing and clinical feedback
Ventilator Components Various Clinical use of 3d printed parts in Italy; additional evaluation of materials and print processes Active Yes Engagement with medical device manufacturers for feasibility and testing
PPE - Surgical Masks Surgical Masks Prototypes of various designs have been printed and are being tested  Active No Clinical evaluation and feedback
  N95 Compliant Masks Prototypes have been printed; need N95 filter material to make viable Not Active No We do not recommend 3D printing of N95 compliant surgical masks and respirators without proper testing.
PPE - Respirators N95 Respirator Prototypes have been printed; need N95 filter material to make viable Not Active No

Case Studies

  • Venturi Ventilator Valve

    Venturi Ventilator Valve


    For severe cases of COVID-19, patients require intensive care and oxygenation through the use of ventilators. With cases growing everyday around the world, venturi valves for ventilators are in short supply at hospitals.


    1. Although there were venturi valves printed in Italy on the SLS ProX 6100 as a last minute solution, more testing is required to validate with newer open-source designs.

    2. We are exploring alternative materials and technologies that can be used for this application that are biocompatible and not reactive.


    There was a clinical case where valves were 3D printed and used at a hospital in Chiari, Italy. Traditional OEMs were not able to supply them in such a short amount of time. Parts were reverse-engineered, prototyped, tested and printed in the span of 3 days on a SLS ProX 6100 with medical grade nylon.

  • Simbionix

    Lung Ultrasound


    Lung Ultrasound is considered an alternative to chest radiography or CT scanning in COVID-19 patients. It is safe, easy and quick for use at point-of-care, repeatable, low cost and radiation-free. Therefore, training physicians to rapidly acquire lung ultrasound skills can be critical for the success of COVID-19 management.


    Simbionix simulation allows for training to the full extent of the examination and includes practicing of the various lung zones, documentation and clinical reporting in a full clinical environment.


    Our team is working around the clock to develop COVID-19 education and training content on the Simbionix U/S Mentor simulator. If you are a physician with relevant experience, we encourage you to join our development efforts.

How our Customers & Partners are Helping

  • Denture Center's 3D printing equipment makes N95 mask and ventilator valve prototypes

    Denture Center's 3D printing equipment makes N95 mask and ventilator valve prototypes

  • Venturi Valves Photo: courtesy Michele Faini

    These Good Samaritans with a 3D printer are saving lives by making new respirator valves for free

  • Galway Technology Ltd responding to Covid 19

    Galway start-up offering to 3D print medical components

  • Charlotte valve created using a scuba mask to create an emergency valve in response to Covid 19

    Emergency mask for hospital ventilators

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to 3D Print a N95 Face Mask or Respirator?

    3d printed N95 face masks or respirators require qualification and compliance to the N95 standard.

    Is it possible to 3D Print Face Shield Frames?

    • Yes - We are exploring several 3D Printed Face Shield Frame designs that can be printed with a variety of our technologies.
    • SLS machines like the ProX SLS 6100-3D Printer running a DuraForm PA (SLS) or DuraForm EX Natural (SLS) are the best options for quickly producing face shields from current designs. 
    • We are currently working with our On Demand Division to begin ramping up a bridge manufacturing effort to help get face shields to area hospitals.

    Is it possible to 3D Print Nasal Swab Test Kits?

    We are currently testing various materials and designs to see if they meet the CDC standards for nasal swabs.

    Is 3D Systems printing parts for COVID-19?

    We are currently manufacturing parts per requests from OEMS and other certified medical device manufacturers.

    Are 3D Systems OEM customers printing parts for COVID-19?

    Yes, 3D Systems OEM customers are printing parts for COVID-19. We are partners with service bureaus and OEM customers that utilize our technology to print parts.

    Are there any 3D Systems medical education solutions?

    Simbionix has created a lung ultrasound simulation module that helps train users performing lung examinations. Learn more

    As institutions change to distance learning programs during the coronavirus, 3D Systems is offering educators and learners an abundance of resources via our MentorLearn Cloud platform.  These videos, curricula and other online materials are available free-of-charge for three months during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Remote learning tools span a wide range of medical specialties, tasks and procedures.

    Register and request e-learning access by emailing [email protected].

    Simbionix is also posting clinical recommendations from professional organizations to their website. View COVID-19 clinical recommendations

    Does 3D Systems have medical-grade materials?

    Yes, we have a broad range of material across many technologies that can meet medical-grade specifications and biocompatibility.

    Where is 3D Systems based?

    We have facilities around the world. Locations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

  • If you have any questions or are able to offer your engineering team’s time and expertise, or access to 3D printers, we would greatly appreciate your support

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    Have you made medical devices or parts?


3D Systems does not support the unlicensed production of medical parts at this time. While our printing systems can be used to create medically certifiable parts - those parts, materials, and workflows have gone through extensive testing by certified organizations and are normally not transferable to other geometries or applications.

Any design files referenced or provided by 3D Systems are provided “as-is” without any warranties or guarantees of any kind, including but not limited to, warranties of fitness for particular purposes, merchantability, or non-infringement. Design files for the manufacture of parts for medical use do not include any registrations or certifications. Users of the design files are solely responsible for any applicable regulatory approvals, waivers, or exceptions.