3d printed metal manifold during restoration of classic porsche

Don’t slow down. Achieve better performance with increased part functionality.

What if you could create metal automotive parts that are lightweight for better fuel efficiency, but dense enough for game-changing durability? And what if you could do it in record time? You can. Our 3D printing technology lets you create high tolerance end-use parts that stand up to some of the most demanding environments, as well as open-channel diameters and feature sizes as small as 250 microns. How do we do it? With intelligent engineering.



  • simplify the assembly process in metal additive manufacturing


    Improve internal component production for intricate parts that are constrained by aerodynamic surface paneling. Create complex internal part design in wind tunnel test models for accurate pressure readings.


  • build efficiency in automotive with metal 3d printing


    Build single parts with a range of different functionalities to reduce part count, improve heating and cooling with complex fluid flow channels, increase performance and optimize the strength-to-part ratio.


  • 3d metal printing delivers parts quickl and without compromise on quality


    Produce working prototypes and parts with complex geometric features without requiring long hours of CNC programming or casting pattern creation, reducing the number of assembly and processing steps. 


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