3d printed metal parts are highly detailed and very durable

Discover a revolutionary 3D metal printing solution.

Launch your next aerospace project with consistent, high-quality, light-weight parts without compromising on its weight-to-strength ratio. Or if you’re in the automotive industry, now you can build parts for better fuel efficiency, less weight, or both, that keep you in the race even longer. In healthcare? You can create porous titanium implants that naturally adapt to a patient’s body for faster recovery times. The possibilities are endless. What will you create?

  • simplify the assembly process in metal additive manufacturing


    Reduce print time, weight and material waste for a smoother process—from 3D data upload, to print, to post-processing. Improve functionality in metal parts, setting them apart from those made using a traditional manufacturing process.


  • Layered laser melting in DMLS delivers greater part strength


    Create dependable high-quality 3D metal parts and molds using titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel superalloy and cobalt chromium materials.


  • 3d metal printing delivers parts quickl and without compromise on quality


    Digital designs let you produce intricate surface structures without requiring post-processing steps. And you can produce a lot size of one to high volume parts economically.


Our precision metal printing solution was designed for you.

The range of 3D Systems solutions that deliver unprecedented access to advanced 3D additive manufacturing
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