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Convergence of AM Aerospace and AM Energy

Cross-industry collaboration provides fresh perspective and collective intelligence to transform obstacles into opportunities and forge new paths. AM Industry Summit connects like-minded Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing professionals in industries to address common challenges and discover opportunities. These landmark events are helping to foster a true knowledge across industry of 3D technologies’ potential.

On August 3-4, 2021, AM Industry Summit, powered by ASME, brings together the aerospace and energy industries with leading solution providers to share knowledge, connect with experts, and find ideas to accelerate their use of additive manufacturing. 

AM Industry Summit connects engineering, manufacturing, product design and technology professionals across multiple industries resulting in meaningful connections, inspirational learning opportunities, and access to the latest developments in technology and innovation.

Live interaction | Face time with experts | Meaningful Connections | Breakthroughs you will not see anywhere else. Reserve your front row seat!

Hear from Our Experts

InnoZone: Transformation in AM Production-Grade Resins: A TOYOTA GAZOO Racing & 3D Systems Use Case

August 3rd, 11:30 AM EDT 

Speaker, Marty Johnson, Technical Fellow, Print Process

3D Systems, the innovation leader in Additive Manufacturing and Toyota Gazoo Racing, have collaborated to develop unique production AM solutions for the motorsport and automotive industry. With new advances in material chemistry, 3D Systems has brought to market a groundbreaking range of production-grade 3D printing resins both for its light-projection-based Figure 4 3D printing systems, offering the ability to rapidly deliver thousands of smaller, batch level parts; and now, for the first time, for its Stereolithography-based ProX 800 3D printing system, offering the ability to deliver full-size, 1:1 scale jigs, fixtures and production parts. Revealed here are two unique production use case for the Toyota GR Supra GT4: A large, tough 3D printed CNC jig for bumper grille customization and an additive method for creating the car’s menu navigation control mechanism.

PANEL: Automotive Additive Manufacturing Applications 

August 3rd, 11:45 AM EDT 

Speaker: Kevin Baughey, Transportation and Motorsports - Segment Leader

From initial use as a prototyping tool to additive manufacturing’s role as an enabler for electrification, mobility, and more, the automotive industry is accelerating additive manufacturing. Join these automotive leaders to discuss how the technology is being used, challenges that exist, and how additive manufacturing is impacting aspects of the manufacturing process.

PANEL: AM Process Monitoring 

August 4th, 11:00 AM EDT 

Speaker: Jeph Ruppert, Director, AIG

Additive manufacturing’s unique capabilities also require unique approaches to monitoring the process to assure quality and achieve the reliability needed for production. How to assess process performance and identify process faults early will be discussed including ways to optimize your monitoring capabilities.


Demo Jam: High Density Part Stacking for Figure 4 Industrial 3D Printing

August 3 & 4 - available on demand 

Speaker: Kevin Hsu, Advanced Applications Engineer

Thanks to new innovations in material chemistry, faster print speeds and innovative workflows, additive manufacturing (AM) is transitioning from its primary use as a prototyping tool to an efficient and productive option for scaled manufacturing that is competitive with traditional manufacturing methods like injection molding. And because additive manufacturing offers greater supply chain flexibility and fast part turnaround, it is a uniquely strong solution for low-volume and bridge manufacturing, as well as mass customization.
3D Systems is excited to share a major advancement in build efficiency with our new high density part stacking solution that takes advantage of the build height of Figure 4 printers, efficient nesting, and optimized support structures to enable greater levels of automated batch printing and post-processing.

Topics covered in this demo include:
•Answering the challenge of production with Figure 4 3D printing
•Advantages of the new high density stacking workflow
•Demonstration of the new 3D Sprint software solution