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What to Discover Optimized and Integrated AM Digital Manufacturing Solutions?

Visit 3D Systems in booth D8 and see how powerful 3D printing technology and workflow management solutions can help you meet your AM challenges, boost productivity and build your business. 

    Meet advanced manufacturing environments at the Plastic AM factory

    3D Systems will be showcasing how to transform existing factory lines into advanced manufacturing environments with advanced Plastic AM solutions for highly efficient and cost-effective workflows.

    Visit our stand and you will discover:

    • New levels of productivity and cost savings with direct digital production using our ultra-fast, scalable Figure 4 platform
    • Seamless end-to end workflows with innovative materials and software 
    • Solutions to all your AM challenges with expert consulting and On Demand services

    Meet optimized workflows at the Metal AM factory

    3D Systems, an industry leader in additive manufacturing & GF Machining Solutions, experts in offering complete solutions to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components, will be showcasing powerful metal 3D printing technology and optimized workflow management solutions for the efficient production of complex metal parts.

    Visit GF Machining in booth P1 and you will discover how to:

    • Optimize production from end-to-end with unique optimized metal AM workflow solutions, from design to 3D printing and inspection to post processing
    • Streamline your manufacturing processes with innovative software solutions
    • Seamlessly integrate AM technology in your manufacturing chain with expert consulting services

    Featured Presentations at AMUG

    Software as an Enabler for Optimized Additive Manufacturing Workflows

    Monday, March 23rd at 3:00 pm Williford C, 3rd Floor

    Software is the enabler of additive manufacturing processes. As companies accelerate adoption of additive technologies alongside subtractive to optimize their workflows, software plays an increasingly important role to enable streamlined processes. In this presentation, Ms. Krishnan will discuss the role that software plays in manufacturing workflows – acting as the digital thread that connects each function to add control, visibility and traceability. She will address how software supports hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing processes, helping manufacturers maintain competitive advantage with a future-ready environment that delivers today what customers will be demanding tomorrow. Ms. Krishnan will cite examples of how manufacturers employ software to create an end-to-end workflow - from part preparation, build simulation, inspection and actual print and up to post processing and traceability of the complete process, resulting in increased productivity, lower total cost of operation (TCO) and improved quality.

    Lattice Structures – Bridging the Gap between Cool Geometry and Physical Structures

    Tuesday, March 24th at 10:30 am Lake Michigan, 8th Floor

    Learn how to successfully move from a theoretical mathematical representation of lattice structures to printed parts. During this session, we’ll address the importance of including lattice design in the print preparation process. A demonstration of 3DXpert will be included showcasing how integrating both design intent and manufacturing constraints into the design process enables you to produce a final 3D printed part that meets your desired properties.

    Optimizing Serial Production with AM Software

    Tuesday, March 24th at 11:00 am Lake Michigan, 8th Floor

    Learn how additive manufacturing software can help you harness the power of 3D printing technology to advance from prototyping into serial production. This session will highlight how controlling every detail in the manufacturing process - from labeling to scan path strategy - can positively impact your bottom line, using 3DXpert.

    The Industrialization of AM: High Speed Direct Production with Advanced Polymers

    Wednesday, March 25th at 1:00 pm Waldorf, 3rd Floor

    Join 3D Systems’ applications and print process experts Patrick Dunne and Marty Johnson as they explain the breakthroughs in additive manufacturing, machine architecture, and material science that have converged to enable a fast and direct path to production. Direct digital production is a viable alternative to injection molding and cast urethane processes, and in production applications, material properties are critical. Understand how to evaluate AM materials for production and the qualifications and ASTM and ISO standard testing that matters for properties like long-term environmental stability, isotropic mechanical property tolerances, compatibility with automotive fluids and chemical reagents, electrical data (dielectric strength, dielectric constant, dissipation factor, and volume resistivity), and more.

    AM Production of Large Scale, High Precision Investment Casting Patterns for Metal Parts

    Thursday, March 26th at 3:00 pm Marquette, 3rd Floor

    Get all the benefits of lightweighting and complexity of metal AM parts in large format through the production of large scale investment casting patterns. Learn how new advanced Stereolithography (SLA) investment casting solutions bring together innovations in process, software and material science to create an integrated solution for antimony-free, low viscosity, clean burn casting patterns. New UV curable bonding and patch materials enable the creation of single, large lightweight and easy to handle casting patterns for large metal parts. Evan Kuester, 3D Systems’ advanced applications engineer, will demonstrate a new QuickCast® DiamondTM  advanced configurable internal lattice structure enabling normalization of pattern properties, process and material efficiencies. The QuickCast Diamond structure yields normalization of XYZ pattern physical properties for consistent burnout forces inside ceramic molds to prevent cracking. In addition smart features in 3D Sprint adapt the internal diamond structure to act as automatic support of internal down hanging geometry, and also allow full control of physical pattern parameters and full control of vent and drain placement.

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