3D Systems at AMUG 2022

Join us at AMUG, where we will be showcasing how we are advancing additive manufacturing (AM) performance and productivity to help key industries defy limitations. AMUG brings together engineers, designers, managers, and educators from around the world to share expertise, best practices, challenges, and application developments in additive manufacturing.

3D Systems is enabling our customers with tailored solutions for the most challenging applications

With more than 30 years of additive manufacturing experience and deep application expertise across industries including motorsports, semiconductor equipment, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing, 3D Systems’ solutions are changing the landscape of design, engineering, and manufacturing with revolutionary capabilities.

AMUG Presentation

Evolving AM with Ecosystem Innovation

Dr. David Leigh, Chief Technology Officer, 3D Systems ​

Date: April 4 1:30 – 2:30 pm ​

Location – Astoria , 3rd floor ​

The promise of additive manufacturing – designing and delivering end-use parts – has become a reality for many manufacturers. Because of this, more organizations are thoughtfully exploring AM for very specific applications and want integrated solutions that match their internal workflows. The level of innovation that is now required to broaden AM adoption requires the collaboration of multiple vendors within customers’ unique production workflows. This new focus on AM production and related workflow demands presents a tremendous opportunity – not just for the organizations using AM to deliver new products, but also for the AM solution providers. ​

During this session, 3D Systems’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. David Leigh, will explore how AM solutions – comprising materials, hardware, software, and services – are catalyzing innovation to address new industrial and healthcare applications. Dr. Leigh will also offer his thoughts on areas that are ripe for exploration - not only to accelerate innovation but to propel the collective industry forward.

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