Join D3 Technologies at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri

3D Systems and D3 Technologies would like to invite you to join us for an Open House at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Attend to learn more about the capabilities of additive manufacturing with 3D Systems and have a drink on D3!   

We invite you to stop by anytime between 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm - bring your questions and be ready to learn! Application specialists and engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and help solve your unique challenges. A Figure 4 Standalone and a FabPro 1000 will be on site for viewing.

At this event you will have the opportunity to:

  • See a Figure 4 Standalone and a FabPro 1000 up close and in person
  • Learn about the easy to setup and operate MJP ProJet 2500 series – perfect for design to part prototyping validation
  • Explore the world of the Digital Foundry with Investment Casting printers and capabilities
  • Experience the new Figure 4 technology platform – a scalable 3D production solution with a wide range of materials
  • Find out how to expand your manufacturing with production-grade materials and SLS printing
  • Match your needs with the right Software like Geomagic® Design X™, 3D Sprint, and 3DXpert
  • Speak with our On Demand service bureau about our parts manufacturing services to expand your capacity

We are excited to demonstrate and discuss how 3D Systems digital workflow solutions can help you meet & overcome your product development and manufacturing challenges!

Accelerate Design Cycles and Lower Production Costs with Rapid Prototyping and Design Verification

eBook - Accelerate Design Cycles and Lower Production Costs with Rapid Prototyping and Design Verification

eBook - Accelerate Design Cycles and Lower Production Costs with Rapid Prototyping and Design Verification

Product development today is characterized by high-demand, increasing customer expectations and near constant innovation. To top it all off, product lifetimes are shrinking. The result is driving greater competition among manufacturers with the pressure to do more, better, and faster.

To stay competitive in a market that is perpetually shrinking time to market, manufacturers need to meet and break new release schedules in their product development cycles. Rapid prototyping offers that opportunity.

Plastic Additive Manufacturing for Your Production Environment

Plastic Additive Manufacturing for Your Production Environment

The ongoing developments of the last few decades have transformed 3D printing (also called additive manufacturing), into a viable and cost-effective technology throughout the production environment: from prototyping, to production enablement, to direct 3D production.

Companies that utilize 3D printing can attain and cement a leadership position in their industry through the time, cost, and capability advancements 3D printing makes possible.

This ebook provides an overview of the 3D printing technology and material advancements in 3D Systems’ plastic additive manufacturing that extend the addressable range of production applications.

Download our eBook and find out everything you need to know when evaluating Plastic Additive Manufacturing for your production Environment.

The Foundry Goes Digital

The Foundry Goes Digital

Today technology is changing rapidly, and new versions and models are being introduced quicker than ever before. Product designs that might have been expected to last for decades are becoming obsolete after only a few years, or even months.

Tool-less digital manufacturing solutions have changed the landscape of investment casting with 3D printing of high quality wax and resin casting patterns in hours that allow high complexity metal part production at significantly lower costs.

Tool-less digital manufacturing solutions will be adopted as the standard for investment casting in the age of the 21st century digital foundry.

Download our eBook to learn how the digital foundry will yield competitive advantages for those adopting digital processes powered by 3D printing.

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Critical Applications

Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing

The design and fabrication freedoms of additive manufacturing (AM) technology unlock new opportunities for companies and organizations.  Metal AM is a high value-add process that can pay off big in the long run, yet due to its relative novelty, a general lack of experience in AM design and manufacturing is inhibiting implementation.

Need IQ, OQ and PQ for your metal additive parts production? Check out this infographic to see how 3D Systems partners with customers to validate additive parts and processes.

*Learn more about the applications and technologies we'll be covering below. A Figure 4 Standalone and a FabPro 1000 will be on site.

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