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Unlocking the full potential of metal additive manufacturing goes beyond improving the quality of your productsit brings greater efficiency to your manufacturing process. Learn more in this informative webinar, presented by Jeph Ruppert, Director, Application Innovation Group, 3D Systems.

3D Systems’ direct metal printing (DMP) process has been developed and characterized to reduce end-product testing, and can help expedite validation cycle for device manufacturers. Join Jeph to find out how our experienced team can help remove risk from your development process by combining our validation strategy for DMP and our process capability with titanium alloy Ti6Al4V. Our DMP process also enables near limitless powder reuse with no negative effect on part quality, contributing to reduced time and resources for medical device submission.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How DMP system architecture leads to process robustness
  • The phase-gated risk management process of qualifying DMP for production
  • Set up and results of the process characterization design of experiment study
  • Leveraging 3D Systems to speed path to market

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