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Multi-task machines (MTM) introduce a new level of efficiency and productivity to the manufacturing shop floor. MTMs enable you to complete complex projects with higher quality and shorter delivery times and create new revenues opportunities. However, you need the right software to optimize the capabilities of these sophisticated machines. It is time to figure out if your CAM software is up to the challenge. Primary topics include:

  • Why you should use MTMs and what you need to know about programming them
  • How to evaluate whether your CAM software maximizes the MTM capabilities
  • The importance of simulating everything you program
  • How machine complexity directly impacts programming complexity
  • How to evaluate whether your CAM software can support future technologies

Meet our Expert

Chris MacBain

Chris MacBain is a product marketing manager at 3D Systems. He was a machinist for over 30 years and spent the majority of his career in model shops in Chicago, Illinois, where he became well versed in specialized manufacturing techniques. Chris has worked for several CAM companies helping customers maximize their CNC equipment investments through their CAM software.

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