3D Systems at Rapid + TCT

Join us at RAPID + TCT, where we will be showcasing how we are advancing additive manufacturing (AM) performance and productivity to help key industries defy limitations. 

3D Systems is enabling our customers with tailored solutions for the most challenging applications

With more than 30 years of additive manufacturing experience and deep application expertise across industries including motorsports, semiconductor equipment, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing, 3D Systems’ solutions are changing the landscape of design, engineering, and manufacturing with revolutionary capabilities.

Join us at RAPID + TCT 2022, the most influential additive manufacturing event in North America. It is where the industry convenes every year to discover new technologies and applications, witness groundbreaking product announcements, consult with industry experts, and learn how to best utilize 3D technologies to advance their processes.

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Register online for free admission to Rapid + TCT 2022 ($100 value). Use the promo code 10020764 when registering. 

3D Systems is leading the Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

  • Come see 3D Systems’ innovative lineup of production additive manufacturing solutions engineered to defy limitations across industries, including aerospace, automotive, casting, and general manufacturing.
    • Meet the newest addition from Titan Additive (Titan Robotics), the Atlas®-HS hybrid additive and subtractive solution for medium- to large-format pellet extrusion printing and in-situ machining.
    • Discover the latest breakthrough in additive manufacturing productivity, speed, reliability, and automation: the new SLA 750 full AM workflow solution and ask about our upgrade discount offer for the SLA 750 Dual.
    • Find out why the thermal control on the SLS 380 delivers better parts and discover the unprecedented levels of throughput, consistency, performance, and yield on this new production-grade SLS solution.
    • Learn about the unique features of our robust and flexible metal printing solutions that enable 24/7 part production, as well as our Figure 4 Modular production system.
  • Get hands-on with our newest production-grade tough SLA and SLS materials. Twist them, bend them, and see how well these high impact and high elongation materials hold up.
  • Explore our expansive suite of healthcare solutions, including dental, medical device manufacturing, and innovations in bioprinting.
  • Ask our technical experts for recommendations on your specific applications.

Learn about Applications

Best-in-class, end-to-end 3D solutions and industry-leading expertise to help transform your workflows in design, engineering and manufacturing.

Optimize Fluid Dynamics with Additive Manufacturing

eBook -Optimize Fluid Dynamics with Additive Manufacturing  

Additive manufacturing (AM) has enabled unprecedented improvements in fluid dynamics applications to positively impact the performance, reliability, and economics of these parts and systems. As the industry leader in AM, 3D Systems has extensive experience optimizing fluid dynamics across a range of high value applications.

Download our eBook - Advanced Manufacturing for Optimized Fluid Dynamics - to discover how companies have used AM to reach new levels of performance.

Why Lighter Parts Matter - The Advantages of Metal 3D Printing for Aerospace

Metal Lightweighting eBook

By transforming the way parts are designed and created, metal 3D printing provides incredible lightweighting opportunities to the aerospace industry. In fact, metal 3D printing rewrites the rulebook, as there’s no longer any correlation between cost and complexity.

This ebook is for curious and competitive businesses, engineers, and designers who want to unlock the game-changing advantages metal 3D printing has to offer.

Welcome to the New World in Manufacturing

Welcome to the New World in Manufacturing

Perfect for prototypes or end-use manufacturing, selective laser sintering (SLS) is the ultimate 3D printing technology for thermoplastic parts. Unlock new levels of productivity and capability in product development for unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your manufacturing process.  

Download this white paper to discover how SLS and 3D Systems’ range of production-grade materials can revolutionise your manufacturing process.

Carbon Fiber - A New Approach to Composite Fabrication

Carbon Fiber - A New Approach to Composite Fabrication

An advanced approach to producing carbon fiber components that minimizes the chances of unseen defects forming now exists. This approach takes advantage of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing and advanced SLA materials to deliver precisely consolidated components with controlled surface finishes on both the interior and exterior of the part.

The following application brief will be of interest to anyone who makes, or plans to make, bespoke composite components with carbon fiber.

Jewelry Casting with 100% Wax 3D Printed Patterns

Jewelry Casting with 100% Wax 3D Printed Patterns

3D Systems’ pure wax 3D printer produces highly accurate jewelry casting patterns with 100% ash burnout for perfect quality and increased efficiency. This application brief discusses the components of 3D Systems’ wax 3D printing solution and how they fit within the jewelry production workflow.  

Download the application brief to learn how to increase creativity, intricacy, speed and flexibility.