Tuesday , Sep 24 - Sep 26, 2019

At TCT 2019, 3D Systems will showcase its latest digital production technologies for plastics and metals, enabling customers to scale  digital manufacturing workflows using additive manufacturing. 3D Systems is the only digital production solutions company that can provide the depth of expertise, and breadth of technology leadership to address any application -- enabling businesses to reduce costs, increase revenue and remain ahead of the competition like never before.

What to see with 3D Systems at TCT 2019

Figure 4 3D printing - Fast, scalable, production-grade plastic parts manufacturing with a new range of materials for all parts of the product development and production value chain

Direct Metal Printing - Released in partnership with GF Machining Solutions, these co-branded metal powder bed fusion platforms, the DMP Flex 350, DMP Factory 350 and DMP Factory 500, deliver high accuracy and repeatability for manufacturers to more efficiently produce complex metal parts within tight tolerances, and reduce total cost of operation.

3D Systems Software Solutions - These engineering software solutions work within your existing CAD and PLM implementations to enable greater throughput, more complex designs for additive manufacturing, more insight on part quality through inspection and more. On display will be Geomagic® Design X providing the fastest path from scan to CAD; Geomagic Control X giving users simple, powerful inspection capabilities leading to better decision making, improved efficiency in inspection workflows and lowering overall risks and costs; 3D Sprint® for preparing and optimizing CAD data and managing the plastics additive manufacturing process, and 3DXpert® all-in-one integrated software solution for additive manufacturing to prepare, optimize and print quality parts.  

Access to On Demand Services -  Learn more about 3D Systems On Demand parts manufacturing services that provide customers easy access to a wide array of resources and expertise for fast product prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of end-use parts. 3D Systems On Demand processes include additive manufacturing, cast urethane, CNC machining, injection molding, metal die casting, sheet metal fabrication to help customers accelerate time-to-market. Through a network of global facilities, customers can choose from services such as rapid prototyping, advanced prototyping, low-volume production and appearance models.

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