Introducing 3DXpert. The only all-in-one software solution.

High-quality 3D metal additive printed product designed with 3DXpert.

Made for simplicity. Made for you.

Creating your metal printed project should be simple, and switching between multiple programs complicates the process. That’s why we built 3DXpert to work with your project every step of the way, from design to manufacturing, in one software platform.

  • Import CAD into high-quality 3D software for design for additive manufacturing


    Import 3D part design data from any CAD and mesh formats to maintain integrity and accuracy, as well as: analytic geometry, part topology, and color coding.

  • Design for metal additive manufacturing support placement with 3DXpert


    Establish part orientation with real-time analysis then rapidly design and validate supports. Additionally, use micro lattice to reduce weight and material usage, easily mend parts, identify potential stress points, and so much more.

  • 3D metal printing with 3DXpert software


    Reduce print time and improve surface quality by targeting specific part zones—like small features and circular areas—with automated or manual printing strategies.