Customized Software for Industry Partners

3D Systems supports product launches and helps train surgeons on how to follow your IFU.  Simulators use replicas of your devices and tools in a highly realistic environment. 

Customized Software for Industry Partners

3D Systems supports a variety of medical specialties with a wide range of training tasks and procedures.  The R&D department’s engineering infrastructure and experience are ideal for industry partnerships where simulation customization is required.  Whatever your needs, contact us so we can discuss how we can best assist.

Launching a New Product?  Experience Matters.

3D Systems has helped medical device companies launch products via our range of portable Simbionix simulators. 

We can help:

  • Train sales and support teams: portable simulators are used to accelerate sales training
  • Facilitate early adoption:  Simbionix simulators help KOLs collaborate with you, and to gain early adoption
  • Reduced training time and costs:  surgeons who use your medical device in a simulated environment will gain confidence and procedure knowledge before entering the operating room
  • Demo your product at medical conferences:  a simulated environment is an exceptional way to show your product’s ease-of-use, benefits and capabilities at medical tradeshows and events. 
  • Showcase your medical device:  your branding is used to optimally market your device
  • Replace animal testing:  simulators have a level of realism that is particularly valued now that the use of animals is no longer embraced 
  • Maintain adoption long term:  when a demo, training, medical conference or other need arises, simulators can easily be sent to the required location
  • Increase ROI:  use of a simulator reduces the time needed for skills acquisition and mastery, is the ideal tool to support sales efforts and thus increase revenue and market share.

Why 3D Systems?

3D Systems offers a full range of medical simulators in multiple platforms that can be customized for your needs.  Backed by the support of a large corporation, the simulation product line has an ongoing R&D development focus with a depth of experience and quality that is unmatched.  This is backed by a support and service team who are there for you every step of the way.


Contact Us

Let us know how we can assist.  Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.