Direct Metal Printing and CNC milling are both viable technologies to manufacture high-end implant bars. Depending on individual implant bar assignments, 3D Systems decides which technology is most suited. Either way, 3D Systems streamlines the implant bar design with aesthetic transitions and high gloss finishing, resulting in a perfect fit for the patient and a maximal space for the dental technician to finish the final prosthesis.


  • Streamlined design with aesthetic transitions
  • High gloss finishing
  • Perfect fit through very high accuracy
  • High-strength titanium alloy (grade 5)
  • Compatible with all major implant/abutment systems
  • Custom bar designs for better gingival adaptation
  • Compatible with major attachment systems

Delivery times

Design proposal

A design proposal is normally sent within 48 hours after receipt of the model by 3D Systems.

Shipment of structure

The structure is shipped the 2nd day after receipt of the design file or the approval of the design proposal if these arrive before 2pm. Otherwise one additional day should be taken into account.