• A facial scan rendering by Gentle Giant Studios
    Front facial composite


    Our photogrammetry arrays utilize up to 180 state of the art 50 megapixel DSLR cameras, covering every possible angle of the subject. Capturing ultra-high resolution geometry and textures. Our high speed lighting is both cross and parallel polarized, giving you the best of both worlds. No more worrying about movement corrupting the data. Our systems are ideally suited for everything from full body digi-doubles to Facial FACS sessions.

  • Gentle Giant trailer for mobile scanning
    Gentle Giant’s Juggernaut mobile studio

    Mobile 3D Scanning & Texture Scanning

    Our Photogrammetry systems are completely mobile. They can be transported locally or shipped globally as needed. Whether it be one of our trailers showing up at your location or an array setup inside of your stage, we have you covered. Our techs can be setup and ready in minimal time. We can also setup traditional texture photography light booth for all your texturing needs.

  • A 3d scan of the Nike Stadium at night, by Gentle Giant
    Nike Stadium rendering

    LIDAR Scanning

    Using a variety of LIDAR scanning systems, our data can be used to create CG set extensions, enhance physical locations, and offer precise digital copies of props, buildings, cars, and aircraft. Point cloud data can be converted to polygonal meshes for pre-visualization and further modeling.

  • A 3D printed Stormtrooper helmet by Gentle Giant
    Stormtrooper Helmet — © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

    Object Scanning

    Using our wide variety of technology and decades of experience we can capture anything from an insect to an airplane. Need it in full HDR color? Not a problem! If you have a special scanning problem let us help you solve it.

  • Vehicle scanning by Gentle Giant
    Vehicle digitization of a Mercedes

    Vehicle Scanning

    We scan vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes. From bicycles to airplanes and from scale models to life-size recreations we do it all. Our services are used in the entertainment industry, CAD design, consumer products, manufacturing and more.