Kvaerner is always trying to lower its electric bill. And who can blame them? Each month this Anglo- Norwegian engineering and construction company consumes massive amounts of electricity to power cooling pumps used at its gas and oil treatment installations on Norway’s coast.

These pumps have power ratings of 1.5 megawatts and run 365 days a year as they draw massive amounts of sea water up from depths of 50 to 70 meters (164 to 230 feet). With these intense, ongoing workloads, even a slight improvement in pump efficiency can help shave a few dollars off Kvaerner’s monthly power bill.

Hence, company engineers are always on the alert for ways to improve pump efficiency. Recently, Kvaerner relied on an SLS system located at the Oslo School of Architecture in Norway to create a testable prototype in DuraForm PA material of a potentially more efficient pump design. Computational test data showed it would be more efficient. Functional testing would help Kvaerner be certain before it invested time and resources into producing the new pump.

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