“3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing has always delivered on time or early. The parts we received were almost 100% true to design,” stated Eliot Drake.


Eye-Com Corporation is dedicated to the development of eye tracking technology to improve and save lives, support the advancement of research, and revolutionize human-technology interaction. Over the past decade, through diligent research and product development by an experienced management team and diverse engineering teams, Eye-Com technology has evolved from primitive blink detection to a powerful eye tracking platform.

Eye-Com Corporation’s advanced eye-tracking technology uses frame-mounted micro cameras that record eyelid and pupil activity as well as head tracking. This technology has many research and practical applications such as driving fatigue detection, assistive communication for handicapped or disabled people, military training, medical use and video games.


Eye-Com Corporation began developing the next generation version of its EC7T eyeglasses to include additional tracking hardware and an improved appearance.  Hardware expert, Eliot Drake, was tasked with creating the wearable eye-tracking systems that needed to contain extremely complex parts including micro-cameras, a CMOS chip, LED lights and more.

“We needed 1-off prototypes at mid-production quantities as quickly as possible to evaluate each step of the design process,” said Drake

The increased complexity of the design created more potential for manufacturing problems. With a focus on aesthetics and ergonomics, Eye-com knew 3D Systems would meet the strict requirements needed for their custom designs in a timely manner.


Eye-Com had used 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing service many times in the past for its SLA needs and had come to rely on the service's speed and design validation. As part of the 3D printed prototype evaluation, changes to the extremely complex parts occurred often and needed to be produced quickly! 3D Systems' online instant quoting engine, QuickQuote®, was utilized for determining the best quantities and price breaks as well as saving time and confusion.

Eliot went to On Demand Manufacturing for 3D printed SLA prototypes to validate his design for production. “Instant quoting and quick turnaround allowed us to make several attempts at the new version without wasting time,” he said.


Knowing that many high quality parts were needed in a short time frame, Eye-Com returned to the reliable services offered by Q3D Systems.

“This team has always delivered on time or early. The parts we received were almost 100% true to design,” stated Drake.  “The superb quality and finish allowed us to show these parts as more than just prototypes. Also, the communication I received from the 3D Systems team was top notch!”