Leading-edge prototype development is changing the face of an Australian brewing icon with 3D Systems' On Demand Manufacturing service - Quickparts.

When the maker of James Boag’s Premium Lager was faced with the prospect of a potentially costly overhaul of its tooling systems, glass bottle supplier Orora knew it had to find an alternative solution for its customer – and fast.

This would be a case of innovative design meets rapid 3D modeling capability.

Orora’s Innovation & Design team engaged long-time partner 3D Systems Quickparts to develop a state-of-the-art prototype based on a new-look bottle design that complied with Boag’s existing supply chain processes, therefore avoiding expensive and time-consuming changes.

3D Systems deployed its world-leading Stereolithography (SLA) technology to create four prototypes directly from a digital design in a matter of days, turning them around much faster than traditional methods. Each prototype was color-matched to the famous James Boag-branded bottle, ensuring the look of the contents would not be compromised.

Despite its new-look proportions, the bottle had to stay true to certain shape and weight specifications to ensure it could work within the brewer’s existing supply chain processes. 

Having met this requirement, the new design would need to pass the ultimate standard: on-the-shelf visual impact testing to see if consumers would opt for the Boags bottle over the competition.

The verdict was clear. The bottle was a hit.

“The new James Boag Lager bottle has set a standard within Orora for the way packaging design and 3D prototyping can come together seamlessly with short notice, ” said Orora’s Innovation & Design team.

“It’s the sort of technology innovation that’s giving us a critical edge when it comes to developing best-practice bottling design and manufacturing solutions for our customers.”