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  • DuraForm ProX EX NAT Impact Test
  • The excellent impact and fatigue resistance of DuraForm® ProX® EX NAT nylon material for SLS 3D printing make it ideal for functional applications where durability and longevity are a factor. In fact, in unnotched Izod impact strength testing to ASTM standards, the DuraForm ProX EX NAT material did not break. Resistant to fuel and oil, DuraForm ProX EX NAT is perfect for automotive applications, including crash tests and stress simulations. This durable white nylon delivers tough, complex parts that rival injection molded ABS and polypropylene without the delay and cost of tooling. 

  • Applications include:

    • Short run production of durable plastic parts
      • Consumer goods, electrical housings and enclosures, sporting equipment, etc.
    • Vehicle instrument panels and components
    • Snap-fits and living hinges
    • Automotive bumpers and grille assemblies
    • Exhaust and duct systems
    • Impellers
  • 3D Systems DuraForm ProX EX NAT Clamp

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