• Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10 Impact Test
  • Figure 4® FLEX-BLK 10 is a durable and flexible material that allows users to produce the toughest 3D printed parts with the look and feel of molded polypropylene. With amazing elongation at break and impact strength, this robust material provides outstanding flexibility and accuracy for a wider variety of prototyping, functional testing and low volume production applications. In fact, in unnotched Izod impact strength testing to ATSM standards, the Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10 material did not break.

  • Applications:

    • Functional assemblies and prototypes
      • Automotive styling parts
      • Consumer goods and electronic components
      • Snap fit assemblies
      • Containers and enclosures
      • Product design
    • Master patterns for RTV/silicone molding
    • Replacement of short-run cast urethane production parts
    • Concept and marketing models
  • 3D Systems Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10 Slider Case
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