• 3D printed spinal cage PEEK

    Patient-specific spine cage with an integrated lattice structure 3D printed using PEEK. In this sample, biphasic calcium phosphate was added to PEEK to enhance cell attachment and cell proliferation.

  • PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is an optimal material to use in producing medical devices because it is:

    • Biologically inert with excellent biocompatibility
    • Lightweight yet durable with a bone-like modulus of elasticity
    • Resistant to thermal and ionizing radiation
    • Radiolucent to enable radiographic evaluation to monitor bony fusion

Optimize outcomes with implants 3D printed in PEEK

Improve the biocompatibility of medical devices with implantable PEEK. The lightweight material possesses high tensile strength with properties close to that of human bone, and it maintains its mechanical and chemical stability even at high temperatures. When PEEK polymers are 3D printed, you can produce implants and instruments in less time and with less waste than when traditional milling processes are used. You also gain design freedom to integrate lattice structures to further support osteointegration and to personalize implants to fit individual patient anatomies.

  • Applications

    • Interbody fusion devices
    • Cranial plates (see FDA-cleared VSP PEEK Cranial Plate solution)
    • Orbital onlays
    • Maxillofacial bone plates
    • Thoracic implants
    • Extremity bone plates
  • Benefits

    • Cost-effective to produce with less waste than milling
    • Quick to manufacture
    • Light weight and durable
  • Features

    • Capable of biocompatibility and sterility
    • Mechanical properties similar to bone
    • Resistant to thermal and ionizing radiation
    • Radioluscent to help with monitoring healing

EXT 220 MED enables patient-specific PEEK implants at the point-of-care

Discover the life-changing possibilities of 3D printing through Salzburg University Hospital's significant medical milestone: its first implantation of a 3D printed PEEK cranial plate.

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