BTK – Below the Knee Module

This module allows clinicians to practice diagnosis and endovascular treatment of critical limb ischemia, focusing on recanalization of below the knee (infrapopliteal) chronic total occlusions (CTOs).

It enables using common endovascular revascularization approaches, including antegrade femoral access, wire escalation technique, sheathless retrograde pedal access, retrograde wire snaring, intraluminal as well as sub-intimal crossing.

The various virtual patient cases present different occlusion location, stiffness degree and lengths. A wide range of tools such as CTO wires with different tip loads, hydrophilic wires, support catheters and angioplasty balloons are offered.

After positioning a wire across the occlusion, the trainee can perform balloon angioplasty and assess the result with a post-procedural angiogram. During the procedure, the trainee may experience complications, such as perforation or dissection.

ANGIO Mentor Suite users will be able to use the pedal approach site to practice retrograde pedal technique.