Cerebral Intervention

This module enables hands-on practice of intracranial aneurysm treatment and intracranial stenosis stenting under fluoroscopic guidance, using a bi-plane x-ray system. The trainee can practice a variety of anatomies using various techniques during which he may experience different complications.

Coming soon: optional transradial access


  • Coil embolization
  • Stent-assisted coil embolization
  • Balloon-assisted coil embolization
  • Aneurysm flow diverter stenting
  • Stenosis stenting


  • Perforation
  • Dissection
  • Spasm
  • Thrombosis


  • Various aortic arch types
  • Various aneurysm locations and sizes
  • Saccular (wide and narrow-neck) and fusiform aneurysms

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