Embolotherapy Module

This module aims to enhance technical and procedural skills of chemoembolization and bland embolization using spherical and non-spherical injectable particles of various sizes.

The module provides a selection of patient anatomies that allow practicing common as well as rare embolization scenarios:

  • TACE for right and left lobe HCCs.
  • Uterine artery embolization for leiomyomas.

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice performing aortography and subselective diagnostic angiography of target location.
  • To become familiar with various tools including micro wires, pre-shaped and steerable and microcatheters.
  • To become familiar with various embolic agents of different sizes, including spherical and non-spherical particles.
  • To practice usage of correct embolic agents, avoiding too distal and too proximal embolization.
  • To practice identifying temporary and complete flow stagnation.

Educational Aids and Features:

  • Radial and femoral access points selection.
  • Diversified anatomical variations, based on real patient data.
  • Ability to place coils.
  • Blockage indicator.
  • Amount of embolic solution injected indication.
  • Non-target embolization alerts.
  • 3D anatomical map.
  • Radiation safety alerts.
  • Performance metrics.
  • Video debriefing.
  • Ability to add proficiency benchmarks.