EP Basic Skills Module

This module allows practice of core electrophysiology skills in virtual 3D maze (non-anatomical)  as well as 3D or fluoroscopic anatomical model.

The trainee is required to manipulate a deflectable catheter (EP, Mapping or Ablation catheter), using a realistic handle, to the labelled targets, and in some tasks to navigate the catheter to anatomical targets. After hitting or missing each target, the trainee receives his score. The module features a bi-plane display.

Learning Objectives:

  • To establish knowledge of intracardiac anatomy relevant to Electrophysiology
  • To develop eye-hand coordination
  • To practice deflectable catheter maneuvering and navigation in 3D environment
  • To practice deflectable catheter maneuvering and navigation in a bi-plane fluoroscopic environment
  •  To practice operation of realistic handles of EP catheter, Ablation catheter and Mapping catheter
  • To practice pulmonary vein mapping and ablation

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