SFA Intervention Module

This module provides basic endovascular training for treatment of peripheral artery disease focused in the common femoral artery and the superficial femoral artery.

The module provides practice for the following:

  • Performing diagnostic angiography
  • Antegrade or retrograde (crossover) technique
  • Performing angioplasty and stenting
  • A selection of drugs allows controlling hemodynamic changes and coagulation
  • The module cases present a variety of anatomies, presenting different aortic bifurcation angulations as well as various stenosis location (proximal-SFA, mid-SFA, and distal SFA), degree and length.

During a case, the trainee may encounter complications, such as dissection or perforation, which can be treated using conventional techniques. Alternately, the proctor may surprise the trainee with complications triggered by a keyboard shortcut.