TEVAR Advanced Module

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This module allows clinicians to practice all procedural steps of endovascular acute and chronic dissection treatment using stent graft systems.

The practiced steps include:

  • Passing a guide wire into the true lumen (avoiding the false lumen)
  • Selecting an appropriate stent graft
  • Positioning a stent graft in the correct landing zone
  • Deploying the stent graft
  • Final angiography – verifying leaks


  • IVUS imaging is available at specific anatomical structures
  • Incorrect stent graft size or positioning may trigger endoleaks, which can be resolved using a balloon
  • Any wire and catheter may accidently enter the false lumen

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice the procedural steps
  • To learn how to correctly size the stent graft
  • To handle procedural complications, such as endoleak or false lumen
  • To practice identifying false lumen positioning of a tool
  • To become familiar with IVUS imaging

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