The ANGIO Mentor family of products is an excellent example of our commitment to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of settings. Any software version we release is compatible with all our platforms, including the Procedure Rehearsal Studio.

  • ANGIO Mentor Suite Product Image

    ANGIO Mentor Suite

    Provides a true-to-life Cath Lab/ ANGIO Suite clinical environment with a full body mannequin and a large fluoroscopy/vital signs monitor – ideal for multi-disciplinary team training.
    The system allows tool introduction from 5 optional access sites, and is ergonomically designed to allow table height adjustment and C-arm control panel position.

    Integration of an actual C-arm into the simulation environment is an optional addition to help create an even more realistic setting and to enhance team training for endovascular procedures.
    In this set-up, the physical rotation of the C-arm is reflected in both the fluoroscopic image and the virtual C-arm simulation on the monitor.

  • ANGIO Mentor Flex Product Image

    ANGIO Mentor Flex

    A compact and easy to use solution for various training needs, especially suitable for remote meetings and courses. Light, foldable and packed in a small case, it can be checked-in as luggage on flights within airline weight restrictions.

    The system is easily set up by connecting only 3 cables. Smooth service and field support are enabled by the dockable tracking stations that can be replaced quickly and easily without opening the system.

    Available in both single and dual access configurations, the ANGIO Mentor Flex can run all ANGIO Mentor modules and the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ software.

  • ANGIO Mentor Tab

    A light weight, carry-on solution, packed into a small laptop bag. Ideal for device demonstration (for clinical reps), teaching procedural steps (for hospitals/training centers) or planning and rehearsing an upcoming procedure using a dedicated simulation file created with Procedure Rehearsal Studio software.

    Runs full simulation using keyboard and touch gestures, and allows device deployment using an authentic handle.