The new module is a complete training tool for obtaining basic, diagnostic and therapeutic skills for knee arthroscopy.  The Advanced Knee module includes:

  • Healthy Anatomy Tasks – tasks for gradually exercising diagnostic examination of the joint. The course administrator can tailor the tasks and choose the targets and the order in which they will appear according to their preferences. Trainee obtains anatomical knowledge, orientation skills, experience in reaching different areas by manipulation of knee (extension/flexion, varus/valgus) and deep familiarization of the appearance and the physical behavior of healthy structures in the knee joint.
  • Pathological Cases Diagnostics – trainee is requested to arthroscopically examine the joint, identify and capture pathological conditions and describe them. Pathologies include meniscal tears, meniscal abnormalities and torn ACL.
  • Meniscectomy Procedures – allows the practice of a full meniscectomy procedure on several meniscal tears using a variety of real-life tools. Trainees learn how to choose the most suitable tool for each tear and evaluate the amount of meniscus that needs to be removed.
  • Knee Procedural Tasks – enables the practice of various procedural steps on different pathological conditions. The tasks include steps from procedures such as femoral condyle cartilage repair, loose bodies removal and ACL reconstruction.