Complete Shoulder Arthroscopy

One module for comprehensive training of shoulder arthroscopy in both the Glenohumeral joint and the Subacromial space

New in ARTHRO Mentor: Shoulder arthroscopy training in the highest realism level

The new module is designed in an instructive manner, with tasks in gradually increasing difficulty levels. Tasks focus on acquiring 3 main skills: anatomical recognition, pathology identification and performing therapeutic procedures.

Anatomical Recognition

Learn the anatomy of the Glenohumeral joint and the Subacromial space by locating targets, reaching them with an instrument and probing them along a defined line.

Easily customize the tasks by selecting each task’s targets and setting their order of appearance.

Diagnosis of Pathological Cases

‘Unknown pathology’ cases, where the learner is required to examine the Glenohumeral joint or the Subacromial space, identify a pathological condition, and capture it with the camera. Then, the learner is required to fill in a Clinical Findings report, and name the pathology that appears in each captured image.

Therapeutic Procedures

Use common shoulder arthroscopy instruments to treat pathological conditions in the Glenohumeral joint and the Subacromial space.

  • Use a grasper to remove loose bodies from the glenohumeral joint.
  • Increase the size of the subacromial space by reshaping the acromion with an electric burr.
  • Expose the acromion undersurface with an RF ablation device.
  • Control bleeding with an RF ablation device.
  • Remove debris by controlling the suction from the burr.

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