Hip Diagnostics Module

ARTHRO Mentor provides the only available VR simulation module for hip arthroscopy.

The module allows exploration of the central compartment in healthy and pathological hip joints for gradual obtaining of diagnostic skills.

Module includes:

  • Healthy Anatomy Tasks – tasks for gradually exercising diagnostic examination of the joint. The course administrator can tailor the tasks and choose the targets and the order in which they will appear according to their preferences. Trainee obtains anatomical knowledge, visual and probe examination skills, orientation skills when accessing from different portals, and a deep familiarization with the appearance and the physical behavior of healthy structures in the hip joint.
  • Pathological Cases –trainee is provided general information and the medical history of several patients and is requested to arthroscopically examine their hip joint, identify and capture their pathological conditions and describe them. The module includes pathologies such as labral tears, chondral injuries and lesions of the acetabular fossa.

All tasks in the Hip Diagnostics module can be performed in 2 patient positions: supine and lateral decubitus.