Enhancing Bronchoscopy Training to the Full Extent of the Actual Procedure

The BRONCH Mentor shares a platform with the GI Mentor.  It provides a comprehensive solution for the flexible bronchoscopy training needs of pulmonary and critical care physicians, anesthesiologists and interventional pulmonologists.

Basic skill tasks and complete clinical procedures are combined to provide an optimal learning environment for motor, cognitive and coordinative skills acquisition on one hand, and diagnostic and therapeutic clinical hands-on experience on the other hand.

Training on the BRONCH Mentor you will enjoy a flexible, all inclusive, and highly reactive training environment.

The GI-BRONCH Mentor platform offers a combined system for the training of both GI endoscopy and Flexible Bronchoscopy.

We welcome the input of the medical community, and would appreciate your feedback at [email protected].

ERS (European Respiratory Society) International EBUS Certification Programme, using the BRONCH Mentor

The BRONCH Mentor won the 2014-2015 ERS POINT Award

The POINT (Product of Outstanding Interest) award