Basic & Advanced Suturing Module

Two unique and realistic modules designed to train until proficient at intracorporeal suturing and knotting techniques for all fields of laparoscopic surgery, including suturing basic skills, such as needle loading, needle insertion, knot tying, interrupted suture and continuous suture. The advanced tasks include practicing ‘backhand’ technique, and suturing in difficult suture line angles as encountered in procedures.

All tasks are illustrated by instructional videos that greatly enhance the training process. Real suturing handles enable realistic training.

Learning Objectives – Basic Suturing

  • To learn and practice needle loading and needle insertion techniques
  • To become familiar with different knot tying techniques such as half knot, square knot, ligature and surgeons knot
  • To perform interrupted and continuous suture

Learning Objectives – Advanced Suturing

  • To learn and implement backhand technique
  • To practice suturing in difficult suture line angles as encountered in real life procedures
  • To learn how to perform anastomosis