Essential Gynecology Procedures Module

Seven full procedure patient cases enhance knowledge and provide the opportunity to practice fundamental GYN procedures: laparoscopic tubal sterilization, salpingostomy, salpingectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy.

Trainees encounter a range of patient pathologies and gain experience with various techniques and surgical instruments. A variety of complications and emergency situations are included in this module, such as bleeding at the implantation site, a ruptured fallopian tube and a blood-filled abdominal cavity.

Exceptional Learning Aids

The colorful 3D anatomical atlas of the female anatomy is designed to accelerate mastery of the complex anatomy, while step-by-step procedural guidance followed by videos of actual procedures enables the user to independently understand the procedural steps before or during hands-on training.

A Comprehensive Set of Performance Metrics

Detailed information regarding tissue handling, safety and use of instruments, time and efficiency of motion is collected during the session in order to assess skill level and training success. The performance metrics are recorded to a file for viewing on the simulator and can be exported for later use.

Learning Objectives

Tubal Sterilization:

  • To demonstrate knowledge of normal pelvic anatomy, specifically the fallopian tube
  • To handle the normal tissue of the fallopian tube and ovary while avoiding unnecessary trauma and providing optimal exposure
  • To perform a tubal ligation

Ectopic Pregnancy – Salpingostomy:

  • To demonstrate proper inspection of the pelvis and abdomen
  • To perform proper handling of the fallopian tube
  • To practice injection of vasopressin into the tube
  • To perform proper incision in the tubal surface and extraction of the tubal pregnancy
  • To demonstrate use of irrigation at the site with heavy zoom with the camera and light irrigation and suction
  • To perform hemostasis of the tubal salpingostomy and remove the specimen
  • To convert to salpingectomy if the case does not seem to be improving with hemostasis attempts

Ectopic Pregnancy –Salpingectomy:

  • To perform proper evacuation of hemoperitoneum
  • To perform proper inspection of the pelvis
  • To remove the ectopic pregnancy by performing salpingectomy
  • To practice using an endobag removal device
  • To perform proper inspection after removal of the ectopic pregnancy for hemostasis of the remaining tube

Prophylactic Oophorectomy:

  • To perform proper inspection of the pelvis and abdomen
  • To identify and avoid the ureter prior to transecting the IP ligament
  • To perform proper electro-surgery and ligation of the ovarian vasculature and observe for bleeding
  • To use electro-surgery properly to transect the tube, utero-ovarian ligament and vasculature to remove both the tube and the ovary
  • To perform the same procedure on the opposite side and collect specimens