Essential Tasks Module

Provides practice on three essential tasks, including peg transfer, pattern cutting and placement of ligating loop, similar to the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Program (FLS) developed by SAGES. The module enables implementing a training curriculum for the tasks, while relying heavily on self practice and optimizing proctor time.

Breakthrough virtual reality technology provides an efficient and enjoyable environment to practice the tasks repetitively and independently until reaching the desired proficiency level.

Learning Objectives:
  • To become accustomed to the fulcrum effect, laparoscopic depth perception and eye hand coordination
  • To practice coordinated hand movements
  • To accurately and efficiently grasp objects and transfer them to designated areas
  • To train on use of laparoscopic scissors for cutting
  • To become familiar with the method of placing a ligating loop

Exceptional 3D simulation provides an excitingly realistic training environment:

  • Peg Transfer: Accurately and efficiently grasp objects and transfer them to designated areas.
  • Pattern Cutting: Practice using laparoscopic scissors for cutting (2 tasks, training and testing gauze).
  • Placement of Ligating Loop: Become familiar with the method of placing a ligating loop.
  • Instructions and Videos: Enable the user to understand the tasks, instruments and objectives before or during hands-on training.
  • Task Reports: Provide immediate feedback to the learner regarding performance level in order to assess skill level and training success.
  • Top 10 Score Table: Simbionix understands how challenging it is to keep learners motivated to continuously train and repeat tasks. The Top 10 Score Table keeps track of the top performers, enhancing the enjoyable practice environment and keeping the learner motivated.
  • Feedback Reports: The performance level and time and economy of movement metrics of each repetition are recorded, and can be exported for later use.