Lobectomy Procedure

The Lobectomy module allows repeated practice of the complicated steps of the Video-Assisted-Thoracoscopic-Surgery (VATS) Right Upper Lobectomy using an Anterior approach in a safe and realistic environment.

The module includes the key components of the procedure: inspection of the thoracic cavity, identification, dissection and division of the vessels and bronchus, fissures division – all in a dynamic anatomical environment with breathing and pulse movements.

Trainees learn how to avoid and manage potential complications and emergency situations such as injury to the pulmonary artery and vein branches, phrenic nerve, pericardium and azygos vein. Didactic content incorporates an anatomical 3D map, real-life videos, and detailed performance reports.

Interactively Guided Case – beginners are navigated through the procedure steps following the visual cues.

Free Hand Case – learners can determine the optimal sequence for the division of the vessels and bronchus, and practice an accurate usage of surgical instruments such dissectors, vessel loop and staplers.

NEW: Proctor Mode

Enhances the training by enabling real-time intervention of the proctor during the procedure. The proctor can trigger injuries to vessels, modify tissue stiffness during blunt dissection and limit the tool selection to resemble a tool malfunction. These capabilities are intended to evaluate the trainee’s decision-making and response to emergency situations.