All Training Delivery and Learning Management Under One Umbrella

MentorLearn integrates 3D Systems’ simulators and educational content into a web based simulator curricula management system to help training programs incorporate the simulators into their curriculum and demonstrate efficient and effective training for accreditation and certification purposes such as ACGME accreditation.

Only 3D Systems’ MentorLearn Online Offers:

  • An optional online management solution for a complete line of simulators.
  • Access to courses, administration and performance data from all simulation training.
  • One access point from which to connect to more than one Simbionix simulator.
  • Ability to perform registration and administrations tasks remotely from the comfort of your home / desk.
  • System and content updates.
  • Online access for learners to personalized curricula, learning components for review and simulator reports.

Curriculum and Proficiency Based Training

  • Extensive simulator content is incorporated in the skills training curricula to provide practice in increasing difficulty levels.
  • Ready-to-use curricula include expert-derived performance goals established by scientific institutions and demonstrated as effective.
  • customizable proficiency level benchmarks to provide learners with a curriculum to follow until achieving desired proficiency level.

Advanced Debriefing Reports Include:

  • Comprehensive objective metrics based on educational tools such as OSATS.
  • Documentation of participant progress following simulator training.
  • Reports with learning curve graphs, in the context of proficiency based curriculum, to help learners understand their achieved skill level.
  • Ability to follow and control the training process and learner attendance at all times.
  • Option to export reports into files to obtain information for curriculum improvement and for research purposes.


Benefits for Skills Lab Administrators

  • Easy to use administration: Create groups and users manually, automatically import users from file, or allow self-registration into pre-organized groups.
  • Accessible performance reports: Export reports into files to be analyzed in external statistical programs.
  • Advanced capabilities: Multiple administrators, users in multiple groups, group hierarchy to allow organization.

Optional Online Access: The Optimal Solution for Training Management

  • Online capabilities allow for remote access to simulator management.
  • Aggregated performance data from multi-disciplinary simulation training.
  • The best way to keep the systems updated and serviced.
  • Centralized system linking data from more than one simulator.


Benefits for Program Directors

  • Incorporate the multidisciplinary simulator/s into the residency curriculum.
  • Demonstrate efficient and effective training for accreditation and certification purposes, such as ACGME accreditation.
  • Access to ready-to-use simulation courses or option to design your own courses.

Optional Online Access: The Optimal Solution for Training Management

  • Monitor simulator activity and learner’s progress with MentorLearn online from anywhere, anytime.
Don J. Selzer, MD.

“We looked into multiple simulation opportunities and found that 3D Systems provided the best options for us. That included the platform and its usability, the fact that we could access the platform from the internet which allows me to see day-to-day or week-to-week how our learners are progressing with their skill acquisition.”

Don J. Selzer, MD. Associate Professor of Surgery

Medical Director, IU Department of Surgery Skills Lab, IU School of Medicine

MentorLearn Benefits for Program Directors Diagram


Benefits for Learners

  • Improve knowledge and put the skills acquisition into context using video-based content and reading material.
  • Access feedback reports online, including on-the-fly learning curves to continue the learning process.

Optional Online Access: The Optimal Solution for Training Management

  • Reviewing learning components online, prior to simulator training, allows the simulator users to arrive more prepared, making better use of time in the simulation lab.