Anatomical Recognition Module

Prior to the development of the PELVIC Mentor’s Anatomical Recognition Module, standardized patients were the main way that learners were taught this complicated anatomy. Now, this innovative training module in an accurate resource to obtain detailed knowledge of pelvic anatomy that reduces the learning curve and improves outcomes of pelvic procedures. The unique sensor system is synchronized with the physical mannequin and a 3D virtual anatomical model on a touch screen. This lifelike simulator allows psychomotor learning and physical sensation of the anatomy.

The module includes 3 special features that assist in anatomical recognition:

  1. Various interchangeable anatomies that represent normal and pathological pelvic anatomy to learn different anatomical structures.
  2. Software customization that allows the course director to choose the relevant anatomies and content to be included in the training session.
  3. Performance reports are provided at the end of each training session that allow the learner and the trainer to review practice results.
Anatomical Recognition Module
Anatomical Recognition Module identifies correct or incorrect  anatomy during practice mode.
Anatomical Recognition Module
Anatomical Recognition Module – Anatomical labeling system can be turned on or off.