The RobotiX Mentor simulator provides surgeons of all expertise levels across diverse medical specialties with an opportunity to practice the skills required to perform robotic-assisted procedures.

Robotic basic tasks modules provide the optimal learning environment for surgeons to develop the necessary skills so that they may be able to select the most suitable surgical route for the patient.

Clinical procedure simulation modules enable surgeons and residents in training to experience partial and entire robotic procedures and to support training programs in incorporating procedure training in the robotic surgery curriculum.

Web-based curricula management provides metrics for procedural simulation, benchmarks for goal-oriented training and video recording of simulation for the purposes of training management, assessment and debriefing.

The cross-specialty simulation platform was developed in close collaboration with the medical community to provide an ever-expanding library of modules. These unique modules may be incorporated into a robotic surgery curriculum and training courses and possible future accreditation and maintenance of certification.


RobotiX Mentor

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