3D Systems partnered with Intuitive Surgical® to develop training modules for robotic skills, procedural tasks and complete robotic procedures. The realistic Virtual Reality modules were designed for cost-effective integration in surgical curricula across multiple disciplines and technologies.

Basic Skills Modules on the da Vinci® SimNow®

The da Vinci® SimNow® offer basic skill modules to provide optimal learning environments for surgeons to develop the necessary skills to be able to select the most suitable surgical route. The modules provided by Intuitive Surgical areRobotic Basic Skills and Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery (FRS)

Exclusive Procedure Specific Simulation on the da Vinci® SimNow®

Collaboration with Intuitive Surgical® has also led to the offering of training modules for partial and entire robotic procedures on the da Vinci® SimNow®. The simulation enables hands-on training of the key steps of complete surgical procedures, using the newest robotic technology, with the ultimate goal of increasing patient safety. Training modules currently include:







Features and Benefits

  • Practice on the actual da Vinci console enables the learner to gain confidence using the system.
  • Unlimited, repetitive practice helps to standardize training.
  • Helps training programs incorporate procedure training in the robotic surgery curriculum.

3D Systems offers additional robotic surgery training on the RobotiX Mentor standalone simulator.
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Robotic Hysterctomy Module
Training on the RobotiX Mentor