3D Systems is proud to offer the first-ever virtual reality hands-on simulation for robotic right hemicolectomy for the Simbionix Robotix Mentor.

Rectal resection is believed to be ideal for robotic assisted surgery, in particular, the right hemicolectomy procedure has been proposed as a training tool in order to gain clinical experience with the robot.  Robot-assisted right colon resection is a procedure that offers particular value for the novice robotic team at the beginning stages of their colorectal surgery experience.  The entire surgical team, including the operator, assistant and scrub nurses, can acquire basic robotic skills necessary to safely progress to more complex procedures.

The module allows users to practice the key steps of the robotic right hemicolectomy procedure such as creation of ileocolic anastomosis. Each task focuses on one critical step of the procedure, providing a new training paradigm to allow surgeons to develop the necessary skills to complete the procedure.

Feedback from the medical community is always welcome.  Please contact Ohad Frenkel, Product Manager, at [email protected] with product requirements, questions and feedback.

Robotic Right Hemicolectomy