It can be challenging to implement new technologies and processes, but evolving your approach can dramatically impact your outcome. This is particularly true when it comes to metal additive manufacturing (AM). By enabling more complex and function-first designs, metal AM drives greater efficiency for both individual components and systems.

To ease the transition to metal AM and realize faster ROI for your capital investment, 3D Systems offers its experts and expertise through global Customer Innovation Centers (CICs). These resources are available to help you, whether you need assistance with application development, validation and certification, a better understanding of in-depth processes, or are looking for a solution to a specific problem or workflow. As a starting point, our team of CIC experts will share their insights with you in a  live webinar series covering a range of topics, including:

Episode 1 – Now Available On-demand!

Metal AM Applications: Form Follows Function, Cooperation Cuts Cost

Presented by Koen Huybrechts, Team Lead for Aerospace Application Development

Episode 2 – Now Available On-demand!

Designing and Creating A Robust Additive Manufacturing Process

Presented by Adam Goon, Senior Project Engineer, Healthcare

Episode 3 – Now Available On-demand!

Your Direct Metal Printing Solution: Knowledge Transfer, Process Qualification, and More 

Presented by Steve Ward, Validation Engineer